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    1) When does CYSA play?


    CYSA teams play in the fall.  For all divisions except Minors; practices begin the 1st week in August and
    games will begin August 18th for the 2018 season. Games continue through October. Teams playing   

    in-house normally play 8 games. However that number may vary depending on the number of teams   

    within a division. Traveling teams (playing with the MVS area) will play 8 games.


    The Minors begin practice the 2nd or 3rd week in August. An email will be sent announcing the start of 
    the Minors season to currently registered Minors players, previous Minors players and those players 
    moving up from the Kickers division. An announcement will also be posted on our website.

2) What ages can play in CYSA? 
    CYSA has teams for ages 3 - 18.  Our teams are divided into the divisions below.  Teams are formed by
    gender, unless otherwise noted below. The age is based on the players' age on their birthday in the current year
    with the exception of the Candy 3, Candy 4 and Dribblers divisions. CYSA does not follow the age matrix for Candy 3,
    Candy 4 and Dribbler divisions. 


   Only  SCHOOL AGE children with January, February or March birthdates (missing the cutoff by 1-3 months) may
   request to play up 1 level. There are no exceptions. Request must be in writing and mailed to:
   P.O. Box 341
   Springboro, OH 45066

   Requests must be received by July 1st..  Requests after that date will not be honored.

  The player must be registered in the division correct for their age. Once the request is received, the parent
   will be contacted. If the request is granted, the player will then be moved to the requested division by CYSA.

3) Where do the teams play?

    Currently Candy 3, Candy 4, Dribblers and Passer teams play at Clearcreek Park.  Wing and Striker* teams
    play at North Park.  Kicker* teams play home games at Clearcreek Park.  Minor teams play at Kesling Park.

    *If 4 teams cannot be formed in a division, those teams will 'travel.'  Teams will travel within the Miami
      Valley South area. MVS consists of ten SAY districts: Carlisle, Clinton Massie, Franklin, Madison, Middletown,
      Monroe Springboro, Trenton, Valley View and Waynesville. In the past, Kicker teams have traveled and the
      Striker boy teams have rarely traveled.

4) Where do the teams practice and how often?

     Candy 3, Candy 4, Dribblers, Passer, Wing and Striker teams practice in same park as their games. Kicker
     teams practice at Kesling Park.  Minors also practice at Kesling park.

     Candy 3 teams will practice once a week.  Candy 4 through Kickers normally practice twice weekly.
     Younger teams may drop to 1 weekly practice after school starts. The Minors will practice once weekly
     on Wednesday.

     The days/times of practices are set by the coaches.

5) What do the parents need to provide?

CYSA provides each player with a jersey, shorts and socks.  Every player needs bring a soccer ball, shin guards and a water         bottle. Cleats are not required but strongly recommended. When the fields are wet the grass can be very slippery!            

   Cleats can not have a toe cleat.

    It is important that each player have the appropriate size ball.

     Candy 3,4        size 3
     Dribblers          size 3
     Passers            size 3
     Wings              size 4
     Strikers            size 4
     Kickers             size 5
     Minors              size 5
     Please label your child's ball and water bottle!

6) Can I request my child be placed on a team with a specific coach or player?


CYSA can only accept requests from players in the Candy divisions; Candy 3 and Candy 4. SAY, our national governing organization, requires all other teams be formed using a 'blind draw' method. The only exception is that siblings playing in the same division may be placed on the same team, providing they meet any gender restriction.


7) What are the fees and what is included?

    Currently the registration fee is $70 per player with a family maximum of $160.00.  A $20 late fee

    (family maximum of $180)  will be assessed for registrations received after June 22nd but may vary year to year.

     Late fees do not apply to the Minors division because it starts later than the other divisions. Registration is closed

     on July 15th but may vary year to year.  A player is NOT considered registered until payment has been received.

    Each registered player will receive a jersey, shorts and socks.


  8) How long are the games and how many players per team? 


   Age Group  Ball Size      Time Period # Players on field
Candy 3 & 4     3  18 min halves/ 3 min periods


 Dribblers     3    8 min quarters       6
 Passers      3  10 min quarters


 Wings      4  12 min quarters


 Strikers     4  15 min quarters


 Kickers      5  15 min quarters


 Minors      5  20 min quarters




  9) How does the Minors division operate?    

      The Minors division starts later than the other divisions due to High School try-outs. The Minors Coordinator will 

      determine the start date for the division. An email announcing the beginning of the season will be sent to all registered                 Minors players, previous Kicker players that qualify to play Minors and previous Minors players. Four teams will be

      formed and play in-house. All teams will play at the same time normally 2:00p on Saturdays – the time may change.


      Minors practice on Wednesdays. Practices during the first few weeks are conducted in a soccer camp format. Teams

      will then be formed and players will practice with their teams.


      All games and practices take place in Kesling Park.



 10) When does registration begin for fall?

       Registration begins May 1st and will end July 15th*.   Registration must be completed online.   Payments
       may be made online or mailed to: CYSA, PO Box 341, Springboro OH 45066.  Registration is NOT complete
       until payment has been received. Payments are made online. 

     * This date may change based on the number of registrations.  Late fees will be assessed for registrations
        received after the cutoff date.   The cutoff date is TBD and will be announced on the website.

 11) Who determines field closings?

       The City of Springboro has a Field Closing Policy which CYSA will follow. CYSA may also close fields depending
       on weather conditions.  Below is the City's policy for during the week.
The policy for Saturday is, if there is 
       standing water on the fields, or when you walk on the fields, water gets “squished” around  – then please 
       stay off the fields. As for games – the City will try to allow games to be played pretty much any time, unless
       of course the park took 5 inches of rain the night before and there is just water everywhere.


      In order to protect the investment made by the City and its taxpayers in the various soccer, lacrosse and football               practice fields at North Park and Clearcreek Park, the City is instituting the following policy
      regarding play/practice on the fields after or during inclement weather:

* Visual inspection of the fields will be made by City staff between 2:00pm-3:00pm on days that
 inclement weather (rain, snow, etc.) occurred the morning of or night before.

* If the fields are deemed “not playable” (that is pooling water, muddy conditions), the fields will be
closed for play/practice on that day by City staff.

* Each youth sport organization affected will be informed of the closing no later than 4:00pm to allow
for enough time to alert parents regarding the cancelling of play/practice.  If the organization is not informed of a decision by or before 4:00pm, then the fields are open for use.

* City staff is directed to “err on the side of the fields being playable.”  Only in extreme conditions will
 the fields be closed due to inclement weather.

* In the event that practice has begun and the fields take a heavy rain during play/practice, the
organization and/or coaches will be asked to evaluate the playing surfaces themselves and determine when to stop practice, keeping in mind what is detailed below.

          Variables used in making a decision to close the fields:

* Clearcreek Park is built in a floodplain and the soil there tends to hold water.

* The upper field of North Park tends to hold water more than the other lower fields, so may be
unplayable for longer than the other two fields.

* If fields with pooling water or very wet ground are played on, it compacts the dirt which restricts air
to the grass roots and stunts grass growth.

* Not only are we trying to protect the fields for play/practice today, but three months from now and
into the foreseeable future.

12) What is CYSA's weather policy?

CYSA matches will be played as scheduled unless extreme weather conditions exist.
In case of inclement weather, the field referees can make the call to cancel a game at the field. If unsafe conditions develop at the field, either before or during a match, the referee(s) will stop play. In the event of electrical storms, play shall stop immediately and will resume only when sufficient time has elapsed to ensure that the storm has passed. Parents should assist the referee(s) by watching for lightning when storm conditions exist. All coaches and players should come to the field, unless the coach is notified prior to game time by a CYSA Official.

If a parent requests their child leave the field because they are uncomfortable with the weather or field conditions, the coach should honor the parent’s request to remove the child.

In extreme cases, CYSA officials may decide to cancel games. Conditions which may result in game cancellations include severe wet weather, extreme cold or snow. Should that occur, emails will be sent out to the coaches. The coaches should then contact the parents notifying them of the cancellations.


13) What is CYSA's refund policy?

          CYSA Soccer Refund Policy
Due to the cost incurred for uniforms, league and insurance fees, no refunds shall be made after July 1st
All requests must be made in writing and sent to:

Attn:  Refund Request
PO Box 341
Springboro OH 45066

Each request must include:

  1. Name of player
  2. Date of birth
  3. Reason for refund
 Approved refunds will be completed within 90 days of receipt of the request.

Refunds will be granted for the following exceptions:
  • Players registered for Minors making a HS soccer team
  • Players moving out of the Springboro-Clearcreek Twp. District, prior to August 1st. CYSA may request proof of move.
  • Players who cannot participate due to an injury prior to August 1st. A doctor’s verification must be included with the request
  • CYSA was unable to place a player on a team
Refunds will NOT be granted for the following reasons:
  • Coach dissatisfaction
  • Schedule/time conflicts
 14) What should I do if my child is injured?

When an injury occurs, the parent or guardian should call one of the CYSA Co-Presidents for an injury report form. Their telephone numbers are 937-603-6169 (Stephanie Blake) or 405-535-6860 (Lauren Anderson).

Upon returning  the injury report form to CYSA, the form will be sent to the SAY National office, and SAY National will send an accident/medical claim form will be sent with complete instructions.

This page is being updated.   Please check back for updates!