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The score cards are in the pay envelopes for each game. On the front of the envelopes are your name and the amount you are to get paid.  It also has the date, park and field on the front of the envelope.  Please fill out the score card for every game.   Nick Smith and Charlotte Gabbard has last game at North Park.  I will be at Clear Creek.  I will try to get to your game but it I don’t bring score cards to Clear Creek at the end of your last game.   Thank you.  If you can’t get to Clear Creek call me at before the end of your game and I get to North Park.   It is very important that I get the score cards.  

Everyone makes sure you have a score card for every game before it starts.   Darren Hudson will be bringing the score cards to North Park.  Get your score cards and pay before the games begin.

Remember have fun and be on your best game. This is the tournament.  If you are open to refereeing for Miami Valley South Tournament please email Allen Revels ASAP at

Know the Laws and Rules of the game and have your book to back you up.  

We are moving into tournament weekend.  If you are refereeing this weekend you must bring your best. Please review the schedule and make sure you can do the games assigned.  If you can’t make the games assigned, please let me know ASAP.  Make sure everyone makes their games.  There are no backup referees left to straw from.  Working together with you and getting more referee for next year will relieve this problem.  

This week is a very good time to review the Laws and Rules of the game.  Make sure you know the build-out rules and they are enforced as written.  

Thank you for helping to monitor the referee schedule and help prevent double booking of the games.

Make sure you are at your game at least 30 minutes before just in case we must move you, or you need something on the field fixed. 

Starting on September 22, 2018, we are going to start enforcing the build-out lines in passers and wings.  Please take the time this we to review the rule on build-out lines to refresh your minds about the rules.  This is for everyone. The way we must move around our referees you may end up doing one of those games besides everyone should know all the Laws and Rules. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  

We have a great team and I am very proud of everyone on our team,

Make sure you check the website before you leave for your games.   Be at your field at least 30 minutes or more before the game.  Inspect your field and yes inspect your field in between game.   Safety is our number one thing we are to do.  Enforce the law and rules of the game. Make sure you know your restarts.   Carry your SAY rules book to every game.  Be in the proper uniform always.  You do know who is watching you and everyone is going to judge you by your appearance.  Dress to impress and you will get the respect during the game.   Most of all have fun!

Be ready for changes when arriving at the field if we must move referees around. 

 I am getting positive feedback from the coaches, fans, and the players.  We are doing a great job and I know it have been very difficult the last weekend with all the referee that could not referee.  We all worked together as one and we had a successful weekend.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to me about them.   We are recruiting referees still.  If you know of any who wants to be a referee, please have them contact.  We are also looking for experienced referee too.  This year is a building year and together we can have a very successful year.  

Thank you for your great job. 


Anthony D. Revels

CYSA Referee Coordinator