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CYSA Weather Policy


Since our first games are starting this Saturday, it seems the perfect time to talk about CYSA's weather policy!



Every team must show up to the field prior to their game time - UNLESS the parents have been contacted and told otherwise. If the parks are closed due to weather, the status on our website will be changed (see 'Park Status' box) to 'Closed.' Once the parks are closed, an email/text is sent out to all coaches. The coaches are then responsible for notifying their team. 


If the parks have not been closed, the referees can still make the decision to suspend/postpone a game at the field. It is important for all players to show up prior to game time. If the game is played and a team does not have enough players, that team will forfeit the game.


In event of a storm, referees will stop and suspend games until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria: The sighting of a lightning flash or the hearing of the sound of thunder shall be reason enough to immediately stop and suspend a game. Coaches should then take their players to a safe location upon suspension of a game. Play shall not be resumed prior to 30-minutes after the last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder heard. 

by posted 08/27/2015
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