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Mid-Season Reminders!
Dear Parents and Spectators,      The Clearcreek...
Please Remember!
CYSA Weather Policy
  Now is a good time to review our weather policy!   Every...
Mid-Season Reminders!

Dear Parents and Spectators,

     The Clearcreek Youth Soccer Association Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of our organization.   As we reach mid-season, we would like to remind everyone that this is a recreational league and is solely meant to encourage the teaching of basic soccer skills, team sportsmanship, and most importantly to have fun.  Sometimes as parents, we focus on the competitive side of the game more than we should.  Please remember to only use encouraging words as you cheer on your player.  We have found that most children do not even know who won the game….. It’s all about the snack, wearing the goalie vest, or finding their friend on the other team. The most meaningful words you can say to your child after a game is, “I loved watching you play!” Nothing else you say will be more important to your child.


Complaints have been few so far this season. We would like to address a few situations in which parents and other spectators can help keep this season running smoothly!


  1. Should you witness behavior during a game that you feel may be harmful or displays bad sportsmanship, please bring it to the attention of your child’s coach after the game – and after you have given yourself time to calm down. Coaches are normally focused on the activity surrounding the ball play. Coaches cannot see or monitor the entire field. It’s just not possible. Frequently, the issue can be resolved by the coach by speaking with the offending player(s) or the opposing coach. If the situation is so grievous that you feel something needs to be done immediately, you have the right as a parent to remove your child from the field. You can also track down either a Board member or the Referee Coordinator. CYSA tries to have a Board Member at every park during games. Additionally, Matt Barth (the Referee Coordinator) is normally at Clearcreek Park. Board members will walk the park wearing a shirt or jacket with the title ‘Board Member’ stitched on it.

CYSA does ask that you help us encourage safe and fair play by setting that standard for your players. Let them know that if they feel someone is playing too rough, to talk to their coach. Telling your player to fight back or to ‘push them back’, only escalates a bad situation.


  1. Parents are not allowed on the same side of the field as the coaches and players. There are several reasons for this;
  • Players need to be able to distinguish comments from the coaches from the cheering and noise coming from the spectators’ side. The number of parents outnumber the coaches and drown out any instructions coming from the coaches.
  • Some players will want to sit with their parents instead of staying with the team. Coaches are not baby-sitters and should not have to take time away from the team to track down players.
  • Parents may try to ‘coach’ their child and contradict/interfere with their coaches.
  • It helps the coaches coach! The coaches can concentrate on the players and the game without the distractions from the spectators.


  1. Parents are not allowed to stand or sit at the goal line (behind the goals).  This can be very distracting for the goalie and the defenders. Also, please refrain from standing or sitting on the sideline.  Spectators should be 2 yards from the line. We need to give the players enough space to make correct throw-ins, the referees to clearly see the lines and the space for the referees to move along the lines.


  1. Parents, feel free to cheer and positively encourage the players. However, the players need to make their own decisions. The players have been coached on what to do. They will learn more about decision-making and problem solving (important life skills) by adjusting and improving on their own decisions than simply following commands yelled at them. It is OK for them to fail, it’s just a game. The biggest reason kids leave sports is because they’re not having fun anymore. The biggest reason for that - parents that become too involved and care too much about winning. Let’s allow the players to enjoy the game without parental pressure or fear of failure!


  1. Each team is only allowed 1 head coach and 1 assistant coach on the team sideline.  All of these coaches must have completed the required forms and background check at the beginning of the season.


  1. Last, but not least, please be respectful to the referees.  Some of them are very young and are just starting out while others have years of experience.  They are kids that have passed a very detailed exam on the rules and are qualified to be there.  But at the same time, we have to remember that they are kids.  They will make mistakes or be intimidated by adults.  We need to show them respect and provide positive reinforcement as if they were your own child because someday they might be!


  1. Parking on the grass is prohibited in the parks. The City of Springboro and Warren County generously allows CYSA to play in their parks. CYSA is bound by their rules and strives to be a respectful to the park departments. With that in mind, please collect any trash you may have and dispose of it properly. This pertains to the teams as well, leaving fruit scrapes, etc. attracts bees!


Though CYSA is a recreational soccer league, we believe our players deserve a program which is consistently governed and well organized. 


It’s the coaches and board members responsibility to enforce the rules that our organization is governed by with the National SAY Organization.  If a board member or coach approaches you, please be respectful.  They are only trying to do their job and we greatly appreciate them volunteering their time.   Without volunteers we couldn’t do what we do!


If you would like to volunteer, please contact CYSA at .   CYSA currently has 19 Board members managing a program of 1,000+ players. There’s always room on the Board for someone who wants to be involved in a program that provides children in the community a place to play soccer!


We hope everyone is enjoying the season! 




Clearcreek Youth Soccer Association Board Members


by Donnetta Cunningham posted 09/22/2016
Please Remember!

by posted 08/19/2016
CYSA Weather Policy


Now is a good time to review our weather policy!


Every team must show up to the field prior to their game time - UNLESS the parents have been contacted and told otherwise. If the parks are closed due to weather, the status on our website will be changed (see 'Park Status' box) to 'Closed.' Once the parks are closed, an email/text is sent out to all coaches. The coaches are then responsible for notifying their team. 


If the parks have not been closed, the referees can still make the decision to suspend/postpone a game at the field. It is important for all players to show up prior to game time. If the game is played and a team does not have enough players, that team will forfeit the game.


In event of a storm, referees will stop and suspend games until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria: The sighting of a lightning flash or the hearing of the sound of thunder shall be reason enough to immediately stop and suspend a game. Coaches should then take their players to a safe location upon suspension of a game. Play shall not be resumed prior to 30-minutes after the last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder heard. 

by posted 08/27/2015
Heat Index

To view the current temperature and heat index click HERE.


Heat Index Restriction

In an effort to keep our players safe, practices are to be suspended should the heat index reach 100°.

If the heat index reaches +90°, additional water breaks should be encouraged during practices.

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